News Assignments

I feel humble and honored to have been able to work in a career that I loved from my first assignment as a staffer with the Dallas Morning News. On that first day, I was asked to shoot the Dallas Cowboy’s returning to Dallas Love Field after losing the Super Bowl game in 1976. Some forty years later, one of my final DMN assignments,  was documenting Charlotte Anderson Jones during the NFL draft week at AT&T Stadium in April 2018.

I witnessed many news events in our great state of Texas, as well as being part of national and international assignments. My news work took me all over the world. My DMN work included images made in downtown Dallas, in war torn countries, including, Iraq, El Salvador and Nicaragua. I discovered early in my career, that I was interested in the political arena and covered everything from city council races to the state and national world of politics. I was fascinated with the system and the men and women who ran for office. My favorite assignments were the ones I created. I would asked mayors, congressmen and congresswomen, senators, vice presidents and presidents if I could document their day. I was given advice by many mentors which included, to listen, be respectful and thereby you gain the trust of the subjects which helps them feel comfortable.

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